Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream has been touted as a celebrity favourite for years. Having a rather charming back story, Elizabeth concocted the cream for her horses hoofs but then found its healing properties worked on humans to when her friend used it on her sons scratch, which healed in eight hours giving the cream its name.

The original now comes in a few formulas, a hand cream, sheer lipsticks and a lip balm as well as the original emollient. I’ve only tried the two latter and although I do love the lip balm I still think the original is the best purely for its multi-tasking properties. I keep my tube on my bedside table using it as an over-night lip treatment and on any dry patches I have (it’s even worked on my boyfriend’s eczema and my sunburn). As its fairly thick and takes a while to sink in I don’t really like to use it during the day as a lip balm but if I’m planning on wearing a bold lip I pop this on when I moisturise my face and by the time I’m done doing my make-up the product has sunk in, leaving my lips lovely and well prepped. Eight Hour Cream now also comes in a fragrance free version but I rather like the medicinal smell.

Elizabeth Ardden Eight Hour Cream* £20 at lookfantastic.com

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