The Haul, Elf, REN, Lush and NARS

I wanted to do a smallish haul now, as I won’t be spending any money on myself until Christmas, these are a few bits that I’ve bought in the last month or two.

Elf Brushes from L-R bronzing blush, blending eye brush, crease brush, eyeshadow brush, smudge brush.ELF Brushes

I wear eye-shadow every day and love a soft brown smoky eye for daytime and a more intense gold or green eye for night. I only really had two eye-shadow brushes that I used daily; the Real Techniques Shading Brush and the MAC 217. Without wanting to go drop £60 in MAC and after hearing good things about the ELF brushes, I decided to purchase a few. At £1.50 they hardly broke the bank so I ended up buying 5, four eye brushes and the ‘angled bronzing brush’ that I plan to use for contouring. I was very impressed with the speedy delivery and packaging but when I tried to use them the shedding was so dreadful that I had to stop. I’ve since washed the brushes in the hope that all the loose hairs will have now come out, so for now the verdicts still out. I will keep you posted!

ELF Brushes, all £1.50

REN ClearCalm Clarifying Clay Cleanser.REN ClearCalm Clarifying Clay Cleanser.

This is my second bottle of this clay cleanser from REN. I order this online as you can get 10% off and they send you lots of free samples! I love this for my mornings cleanse and if I’m feeling a little spotty my second evening cleanse as well. It’s a little pricey but my first bottle lasted me four months, using it twice a day every day, so I don’t mind. I’ll talk about this more in my upcoming morning skin care routine.

REN Clearcalm Clarifying Clay Cleanser, £18/150ml

Lush Squeaky Clean Solid Shampoo Bar and American Cream Conditioner

I’m planning to do a whole post on my hair (or rather scalp!) as I have to be really careful with shampoos since an allergic reaction at the beginning of the summer. I hadn’t stepped into a Lush since I was an obsessed teenager. In the past few years I’ve become suspicious of them, how do they make everything smell of bubblegum when it’s supposed to be au naturale?! But my friend recommended I try a shampoo from them and nothing has really worked so far so fingers crossed. I’m really interested to try the solid shampoo form as it cuts down on so much waste. I also picked up the little tin to keep it in as I didn’t really want it just sitting on the side of my shower for months, besides if I end up liking it I can keep re-using the tin. I didn’t really need to get an expensive Lush conditioner but you know I was in there and it just smells so good like a vianilla milkshake yum.

Squeaky Clean Solid Shampoo Bar, £5.25/55g. Lush Shampoo Bar Tin, £2.50. Lush American Cream Conditioner, £8.90/250g

NARS Douceur Blush

I recently sold some shoes on ebay and decided to treat myself with some of the profit. I knew I wanted a rosy-brown blush to wear in autumn/winter but couldn’t decide between MACs Tenderling or NARS’ Douceur. In the end Tenderling is more pink-brown and Douceur is more brown-pink and although both are sheer finishes, the NARS blushes always win for pigmentation. On my very fair skin this blush is just beautiful, very natural and contours the face giving me the appearance of high cheekbones. I love this blush but if you have anything from NC30+ skin then I don’t think this shade would show up very well, if at all. However, for those around a NW15 this is the perfect shade to subtly contour and add a little colour in the colder months.

NARS Blushes are £21 (!!) I got mine in Liberty’s.

 NARS Pencil Sharpener

Definitely the least exciting purchase this month! I own a few of the NARS velvet matte lip pencils and they seem to conveniently only fit the NARS pencil sharpener. But I’ll forgive NARS as it does look very stylish on my dresser.

NARS Pencil Sharpener £5 I got mine in Liberty’s

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