Brand Review Bumble & Bumble

L-R Seaweed Shampoo, Texture Creme, Surf Spray, Grooming Creme, Brilliantine.

As you’re about to witness I have some serious love going on for Bumble & Bumble. Now that the brand have launched in Boots I thought I’d share my collection and thoughts.

I have fairly long thick hair that hangs dead straight, so I look for products that add texture and volume at my roots with minimum effort.


“Unique and hard to define it gives hair that polish and a sort of languid slept in, sexy look”
I couldn’t agree more with this blurb. This is fantastic for adding shine into second day hair or hair that just needs a bit of ‘calming down’ after being rough dried with a blowdryer. I use this when my hair gets a little triangle-ley after dry shampoo and brushing, you need the smallest amount to smooth through hair and it gives you shine and smoothness as well as a little bit of separated texture that I always try and keep.  Be careful not to use too much or you could be in danger of making your hair greasy. I also love the smell sort of like suncream.

Bumble and Bumble Brillantine, £17 for 50ml

Texture (un)dressing crème*

“Gives hair that elusive undone-yet-done quality with a hint of grit, extra lift and a tousled shine-free finish”
This is by far my favourite hair styling product. I use this every time I wash my hair. Before I got this I never would have thought of using a gel-like product in my hair. When I think of hair gel I think of those stiff spiky quiffs some of the boys out in Leeds have, shudder. But when used right this can make even my heavy straight hair look tousled and beachy. I take the size of a penny (any more and your hair will go crunchy) and rub it in my hands before evenly distributing it between the mid to end lengths of my hair. For anyone with fine or slightly wavy hair this would be enough but I like to tie my hair in a bun for ten mins or so (whilst doing my make-up*).  You can also use this at the roots for a bit of extra lift. I’m nearing the end of my tube and will be rushing out to re-purchase when it does give up the ghost.

Bumble and Bumble Texture Crème, £21 for 150ml

Seaweed Shampoo*

“A mild, everyday cleanser with marine seaweed, spirulina and kelp to feed roots, add shine and keep scalps happy”
This is a fantastic shampoo for those with fine hair or if you like to wash your hair everyday. This is actually my second bottle so you can tell I’m a fan. It’s very gentle and lathers up easily so you don’t need to use much. I have used the co-ordinating conditioner as well but found it was too thin for my hair, but again great for shorter or finer hair. Although this is a gentle shampoo it does contain Soduim Sulfate which now irritates my scalp so I haven’t used it for a while

Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo, £15.50 for 250ml

Surf Spray*

“Sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles, whenever wherever”
A Bumble and Bumble blogger’s  fav and winner of countless magazine beauty awards this Seawater Surf Spray has become iconic and has inspired 100s of high street imitations. However for me the original is still the best and this really does give my hair a tousled ‘beach babe’ vibe, always a good look when at the pup in Kilburn. How this glorified saline solution does this to my hair is a mystery but I don’t really care as it really adds that something extra to my barnet. I spray this all over my damp hair after using the texture crème and blow dry for serious night out oomph. I can also use this when my hairs dry and a little flat; spraying it at the roots and blasting with my blowdryer with my head upside down. This can make hair a little dry but if your hair is, like mine greaser then a Turkish bartender then you’ll be fine.

Grooming Crème*

“The dream crème for those who love to look polished, elegant and smooth but hate to work at it”
This is my least used B&B product but still loved in its own right. Another one that’s great for frizz and smoothing down my thick hair without making it flat. I like to use it when I want to really work that straight hair look or if I want to look really smart and pulled together, this helps me pull it off! I’ve also heard this is great for those lucky enough to have curly hair.

Bumble and Bumble Grooming Crème, £21.50 for 150ml

*I’m kidding it takes me way more than 10 minutes to do my make-up

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