What’s in My Travel Make-Up Bag

I flew back to the nest this weekend for a little country action. Since my social diary didn’t include anything more thrilling than a trip to my local Waitrose or Indian restaurant. I decided to pack light. Firstly I didn’t want to bring my normal daily moisturiser, the Camilla Nut Hydrating Cream by Aesop, as much as I love it the heavy glass jar doesn’t lend itself to travel. So instead I brought the sample of the Origins Vitazing I picked up at the new Origins counter in Selfridges last week. I’ve heard so many great things about this product but was always been put off by the promise of a ‘one shade fits all’ tint. As anyone who doesn’t fall neatly into the ‘medium beige’ spectrum of colour that comes in those little samples in magazines knows, one shade does not fit all. But rather pleasantly this does seem to give my skin more of a healthy glow than orange tide mark. But I’m still not sure if I’d take the plunge and purchase it, maybe for me it’s more of a summer product. For base I packed Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, which is a fantastic dupe for my beloved Chanel Vitalumire Aqua, but with slightly more coverage and a much lower price point. This is also great to pack for small trips as its best applied with hands so I didn’t need to pack my buffing brush. For cheeks I left the bronzer and highlighter at home and took my new BFF Nars Douceur and my MAC 116 Brush that I’ve fallen back in love with recently.

Eyes wise I didn’t want to bulk up my bag with my MAC or Naked palette so kept it simple with two of my favourite mono shadows Clarins Biege Shimmer* which is a fantastic all over lid colour, very similar to MAC’s Patina and Laura Mercier’s Chocolate* from the fall 2011 collection. It’s a beautiful deep plummy brown with lots of shimmer to run along my upper and lower lash line. If you have the Naked palette it’s very similar to the shade Hustle but has more brown then purple in it. For mascara I bought my Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara which lengthens and defines lashes. Lastly for my lips I kept in simple throwing in a trusty lip balm in the shape of Dior’s Crème de Rose smoothing, plumping lip balm*. And there you have it all the slap that kept me going through trips to the local high street and dog walks.

Pippin our Shetland Pony

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