Top Five Winter Blushes

I absolutely love blush, apart from eyeshadows blushes are the things I like to buy most and enjoy switching up from day to day. Here are my favourite blushes for when the weather gets cold. Winter means the suns light is brighter so I feel as though you want to wear darker lips and eyes. You need a blush that’s going to complement those party looks! I also love to replicate the fresh flush of the pink cheek you get after a brisk country walk.

MAC Blush in Pet Me

MAC Mineralize Blush in Pet Me*

I’ve had this blush for around a year now and love it all year round but I do think it really shines around the colder months. This is the perfect ‘just built a snowman’ blush it’s a soft pink with warm yellow undertones so it really mimics a natural flush. I also love the mineralize formulation finding it lasts really well on me. This was a limited edition blush from the MAC Fabulous Felines collection a year ago but it’s very similar to the MAC Mineralize blush in Dainty which is in the permanent collection. But I’ve seen this blush on ebay and blog sales so if you have a quick google I’m sure you can find it.

NARS Douceur

NARS Douceur

This is a bit of a cheat entry as I’ve only had this for a month or so but I already know its going to be one of my most used blushes for months to come. It’s a delicate rosey-brown which really lifts and defines my face. As it’s such a subtle colour you can pare it with dark lips or a smoky eye and it really adds, but not overpowers the look. It’s a matte blush but has a slight sheen which is perfect for me as its enough to give the face a healthy glow on its own but I can also choose to add a highlighter if I wish to amp it up. Find it here


NARS Gina*

Although I love all my pinks for winter I also like to switch it up a little bit with Gina. A gorgeous tangerine blush this also evokes the colder months for me reminding me the colour of autumnal leaves. It looks fairly scary in the pan but on this is much sheerer on and again has that lovely sheen to it without being glittery. I love to wear this on its own with no bronzer or highlighter to really let the colour shine. Find it here

NARS Mata Hari

NARS Mata Hari

Can you tell I love NARS blushes yet? This striking cool toned pinky/purple shade is actually the very first NARS blush I owned. My very generous Mother bought this for me when I was in my first year at Leeds and a love affair was born with the silky smooth Nars formula. Again this may look a little scary in the pan but applied softly with a stippling brush this can really give a beautiful wide awake flush. This is a matte blush which I like to wear with a cool silver highlighter. Find it here.

Dainty Doll My Girl

Dainty Doll My Girl*

Another cool toned pink but this time with none of the purple undertone of Mata Hari. This is the only blush I own from Dainty Doll and although I don’t use it as often as I should I do love it in winter for that really dolly-pink look. I love to wear it when I’m at my palest as it looks best on a porcelain complexion and a matching cool toned pink lipstick. It has silver sparkle it in which adds a nice sheen and stops short of being chunky. Find it here

Whats your favourite blush to wear in winter?

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3 Responses to Top Five Winter Blushes

  1. Catherine says:

    Love these blushes!…Have you tried NARS Blush in “Sin”? It is my go to winter blush(;
    Check out my beauty blog!

  2. Hello from overseas! This is just what I was hunting for, and you wrote it well. Thankyou

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