Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I’m a big fan of the Breakfast Scrub by Soap & Glory, I normally don’t love overly sweet or synthetic scents but for some reason I couldn’t get enough of the maple syrup aroma. So when I ran out I fully intended to run out and repurchase. But when I was hovering by the aisle in my local boots (where S&G are currently on 3 for 2) I saw that they had the Sugar Crush Body Scrub, I gave it a sniff and completely fell in love with the sweet lime and brown sugar scent, it’s still a syrupy scent but a lot more grown up then the Breakfast Scrub. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and although every time I do I fall in love with the sweet limey scent all over again it hasn’t  blown me away with its exfoliating properties as it’s a lot thinner then the Breakfast Scrub. I would recommend this if you have sensitive skin that react harshly to more abrasive scrubs or if you’re looking to lightly exfoliate regularly. This isn’t great at removing fake tan or to tackle scaly winter legs and feet although I do like the inclusion of almond oil as it stops your skin from drying out. So although I have been enjoying the scrub I think next time I will repurchase the Breakfast Scrub and pick up the Sugar Crush Shower gel for the incredible scent.

Are there any more Soap & Glory products I need to try out?

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