Morning Skin Care Routine

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty, you get the face you deserve. Coco Chanel”

As you may have guessed I’m a bit of a skincare fiend! I used to have relatively bad skin as a teenager which was probably aggravated by the fact that I would use the cheapest most astringent chemical fuelled face washes I could get my hands on in Superdrug! In the past year or so I found that since I’ve amped the ante in my skin routine my skin has massively improved. Now I know that a lot of how your skin looks is genetic, thankfully my mum has amazing skin so I’m hoping to be wrinkle free, and of course what you eat plays a large part to. But I also do honestly believe that good quality gentle skincare makes the world of difference, I know they have for me. So these are the products that I’ve been using for the past 4 or 5 months in the morning that have been keeping my combination/sensitive skin under control.

Aesop Camilla Nut Face Cream, REN Clear Calm Cleanser and Rose Water.

First thing in the morning I’m not looking for anything complicated I really want to just slough away any dead skin cells and excess oils, as I use heavy oils and creams before I go to sleep and in the morning there’s sometimes still a little left over residue. I start by massaging my REN Clear Calm Clay Cleanser onto dry skin. Although this is a clay cleanser it’s thin and creamy enough to spread over dry skin very comfortably. Even though this is aimed at oily, blemish prone skin it works well on my combination, sensitive skin as the first ingredient is chamomile water (the second is clay) which is very soothing. REN is also a very ‘clean’ brand none of their products contain the parabans or sulfates that irritate skin. I then run a flannel under warm water and buff the cleanser off. The buffing with the flannel and the latic acid in the cleanser also provides a light exfoliation. On a side note I love the REN packaging so useful to see when you’re close to running out. I then tone my skin with a rose water toner the one I have is Labell Eau de Rose which my mum brought me back from France but any rose water based toner will do Neal’s Yard have a nice one as do Lush. This helps with toning the pores and hydrating the skin a couple of drops on a cotton pad swept over my face does the trick. After my toners dried down a little I rub a hefty dose of my Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream (post here) all over my face and neck. And that’s it really. I am thinking of getting a serum to use during the day under my face cream over the winter. I want something that doesn’t cost a bomb hydrates well and sinks in quickly any suggestions?

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4 Responses to Morning Skin Care Routine

  1. Maria says:

    I’ve literally just posted about the amazing REN cleanser, I love it too and agree that its perfectly gentle. I used to use those horrible chemical smelly teenage products – I’m so annoyed that I was allowed to use them!


  2. John Mathews says:

    You definitely made a significant upgrade in your morning facial wash and skin care, congratulations. Never use detergent on your face, especially now in the colder weather. Lush does have nice products. I can’t recommend a serum off hand for you, but a moistuizing facial mask if very beneficial. You can get recommendations here for your age bracket and skin type.

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