Miller Harris Noix de Tubereuse Eau de Parfume

Miller Harris Noix de Tubereuse Eau de Parfume

Miller Harris Noix de Tubereuse Eau de Parfume

Ever since my early teens I’ve loved rich, warm floral scents. I actually wore the iconic YSL Opium when I was fifteen; falling in love first with the illustrious Sophie Dahl advert, then the intoxicating heady fragrance. Whilst everyone else was wearing CK One or Tommy Girl, I was walking around as one of my friends charmingly put it “smelling like his grandma”. Even though I still have my bottle of Opium which I sniff from time to time for nostalgias sake I have admittedly moved on to appreciate lighter more girly scents like Prada’s Iris which is now my favourite spring perfume.

However, when last September I received Miiler Harris’ Noix de Tebereuse* one whiff and I was sold. The velvety, exotic note of tebereuse mixed with the sensual amber warms the cockles and transports you to a glamorous time of Geishas and the Orient. However, what is keeping this scent from become ‘grannyfied’ are the more green notes. The wild green clover and fresh mimosa freshens and sweetens the scent so when it dries down your left with an incredible balmy and rich floral scent.

Miller Harris’ Perfumes are expensive with prices starting from £62 for 50ml and £90 for 100ml. But the quality of the ingredients the unique scents and the beautiful bottle designs really make them worth the money. Miller Harris is a specialty perfume house therefore you’re not paying extra for the designer name or celebrity face. You know that your money is going on quality. The scents are divided up into five categories, citrus, floral, oriental, woody and for men. So even though you might not like the sound of Noix de Tubereuse, I really recommend looking at the other scents next time you are looking for a new fragrance. You will not be disappointed.

Have you tried anything from Miller Harris?

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