Empties #1

Rather than do monthly empties I thought I would just do them as and when I have enough to do a post. I know a lot of people don’t really like empties post but personally I love then they’re one of my favourite posts to read/videos to watch. When you’re a beauty fanatic like I am your bathroom can get a bit swamped so when I finish a product I know I must have really loved it.


Clarins relax bath and shower concentrate* is a strongly scented lavender bath/shower gel which I loved using in bath on evenings when I was a little frazzled the essential oils nourished my skin whilst the lavender fragrance calmed my nerves. I don’t have baths in my flat very often so it was nice to have something luxurious to put in them when I do. The Dove Go Fresh Deodorant is pretty self explanatory I actually prefer to use more natural roll on deodorants like Tom’s of Main Lemon scented one but when I do buy a spray deodorant I always buy Dove. The cucumber scent of this was very overpowering and I wouldn’t purchase it again in this scent. The Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo really saved my scalp this month since having an allergic reaction to a high street shampoo last year I’ve spent a small fortune on shampoos trying to find one that doesn’t irritate my scalp. This lathered well and conditioned my hair whilst calming my scalp down. I get my hair cut in the Aveda Institute in Covent Garden and this shampoo has the same spa like scent which I love I also had the matching conditioner which I also loved it was really thick and hydrating. I’m trying out some other shampoos at the moment but would definitely repurchase in the future.  I bought the Eucerin Replenishing Face Cream with 5% UREA last autumn when I was looking to repurchase their Hyaluron Filler Day Cream and it caught my eye. This is great if you have seriously dry sensitive skin, it really helped me when my skin was reacting badly to everything and anything. I recently dug it out my beauty draw and saw that it goes off this month so have been using it as a night cream and on any patches of eczema or dry patches I have. I would purchase this again if my skin started to act up but right now I don’t need it. The yellow beaten up looking plastic tube is my much loved L’Occitane hand cream in Miel & Citron. I love L’Occitane hand creams as they’re really thick and buttery but sink in fast leaving no greasy residue. I have a few other hand creams lying around but when I’ve used them up I would repurchase this.

REN, EL, Origins

I’ve also recently sadly said goodbye to my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm* it’s basically the original eight hour cream in a bullet if you’ve read my review on the eight hour cream here then you’ll know I love it. This was great to carry around in my bag and I scrapped out every last bit of product. It’s a bit pricy so I’m not sure if I’d buy it myself but would love it as a present. The little tub was a sample of Origins Plantscription Serum. I was using this as a serum under my moisturiser during the day and although I liked the fact that it hydrated well and sunk in fast, you need quite a lot to cover your whole face and as this is quite expensive that’s not really ideal. I also got through a sample of the REN Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel I’ve never tried an eye gel before and liked the cooling sensation but I really want to try the Clinique roller ball eye cream but if I don’t get on with that I might purchase this in the future.


Lastly you can see I’ve burned through two of my scented candles (leaving me dangerously low!) The smaller one on the left is (or was) the True Grace Classic Candle in Hyacinth these candles are made from natural wax meaning you don’t get any horrid soot when burning. I loved the scent of this candle very floral and delicate. True Grace’s candles are £24 and burn for 40 hours so they’re incredible value for money compared to pricier brands like Neom and Diptyque, I think a re-purchase is on the cards and would love to try some other scents.  The larger two wick candle on the right is Amore de Psyche Candle in Icarus* this jasmine scented candle is from a wonderful UK company in which all the candles are hand poured and come in beautifully decorated glass jars with gold illustrations. Jasmine is one of my favourite smells so this was a big hit with me, I also like to support smaller British companies so will be repurchasing next pay day! Phew well that’s everything I’ve used up over the past two months or so I might start doing these monthly so next time it won’t be such an essay of a post!

Have you tried out any of the above? What did you think? .I love reading empties posts so if you’ve written one recently leave me the link so I can be nosy and check it out!



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1 Response to Empties #1

  1. Lyosha says:

    great review. I’ve not tried any of those. but sounds great

    P.S. I’m hosting a glasses giveaway on my blog here check it out! (I hope I didn’t offend you writing it, it wasn’t promotion or whatever)

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