NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base

NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base

NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base

NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base

I picked up this NARS Smudgesproof Eyeshadow Base a few weeks ago whilst Liberty’s were holding a 20% off weekend. I have very oily eyelids which makes my daily look of a soft smoky brown eye difficult to wear, even when I prime my lids with cream shadows such as MAC Painterly Paint Pot or the much loved UDPP my eyeshadow still creases and fads around lunchtime. I always thought that because I have slightly hooded eyes this was just the way things were and it was something I’d have to live with. (#firstworldpromblems) How wrong I was! The NARS Smudgesproof Eyeshadow Base comes in a matte white tube with a matte black lid which is in keeping with the sleek NARS brand packaging which I know some people don’t like as they get dirty and very easily but I for one love its sleek monochrome look. The applicator is a doe foot which picks up the product from the tube so you can apply it directly to your eyelid, similar to the UDPP. Again like the UDPP the product itself is a white, thin cream which once blended over the eyelid becomes clear. This for me is where the two primers stop being comparable. I’ve used the UDPP for around 4 years when my friend first introduced it to me at university. Although the UDPP does hold my shadow in place for a few hours its nothing compared to the NARS Smudgesproof Eyeshadow Base in terms of lasting power. I couldn’t believe the first time I used the primer in the morning and came home after going out for drinks and dinner post work, my eyeshadow looked exactly how it did when I’d applied it in the morning! I’ve used it on nights out in sweaty bars and clubs taken it for days out shopping and on packed tubes and every time its proved to be a miracle worker. Now its not cheap and that of course is a major downside, as it is so pricy I’m still using my MAC Painterly Paint Pot for everyday use and then the NARS Smudgesproof Eyeshadow Base for when I know I’m having a long day or for a night out. I wouldn’t say that it’s a must have for everyone, but if you have problems with creasing and fading and nothing else seems to keep your eyeshadow in place then I would100% recommend giving this a go.

Have you tried the NARS Smudgesproof Eyeshadow Base how do you think it compares to other eye primers? 

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