Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan

 Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan

Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan


As I mentioned in my Top 12 of 2012 I’ve started getting more into tanning. Fake tan was always something I thought reserved for the more glamour puss type of girl ie the ones who can put on a pair of fake eye-lashes without poking their eye out or tease their hair into a chic chignon with no mirror and just a couple of bobby pins. Being of the *slightly* pasty and ginger persuasion the idea that self tanner would leave me looking like a cast member of Geordie Shore always put me off, but after growing increasingly jealous of my hordes of year round tanned, beach blonde friends I decided to take the plunge into the self tanning pool. As I had £20 worth of boots points burning a hole in my pocket I took one of the aforementioned friends advice and headed to the Clarin’s counter. I chose the Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan as I love any kind of multi-purpose product and this two in one self tanner and primer also smelled the least ‘biscuity and let’s face it, looked the best sitting on my vanity. This cute little red pot if dulce de leche looking thick gel like cream applies easily leaving behind a subtle caramel tint that intensifies as the day goes on until your left with the kind of winter glow that normally takes a lot more money and a ski chalet somewhere where Kate & Wills have been spied sipping chocolat chaud. It also has the added benefit of being a primer, a step which I never bothered with before but now can’t be without, it smoothes over all my pores like polly-filler for the face creating an even canvas for me to work my foundation over. At the moment I’m using the Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan twice a week but will be ramping this up in the summer for a more intense ‘glow’. All this and with enough change on the old Boots card to pick up a tube of toothpaste and some cotton pads. Score.

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5 Responses to Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan

  1. Pipp says:

    Oww this looks really interesting. i love clarins! Defiantly want to give this a try, Great post!
    Pipp xx

  2. Megan says:

    I’ve always been terrified of self-tanners because I’ve been scared I’ll look like a cooked carrot. Sounds like this works really well.. might have to check it out and finally give it a try 🙂

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