The Sunday Five

As I really enjoy all my ‘Top Five’ posts I thought it would be nice to start a ‘The Sunday Five’ series. A sort of round up of the five things I’ve been loving/reading/watching doing the past week.

So This week I’ve been:


Eating: Beetroot cured Salmon at Tom’s Kitchen at Somerset House, we had a belated family dinner on Saturday for my sister’s birthday which had to be delayed due to the snow last week. I’ve been to Somerset house quite a few times before for LFWs and exhibitions so it was nice to eat there for a change. The food was British classics, delicious but watch out for the hearty portion sizes!

Watching: The Vampire Dairies! I. AM. OBSESSED. I’ve watched four seasons in pretty much as many weeks. Team Klaus! Tell me I’m not alone!


Burning: Paddywax Soy Wax Candle in Bordeaux Fig Vetiver. This soy wax candle was a Christmas present and I’ve been loving the fresh fig scent, as its soy wax the fumes burn clean and aren’t harmful. Available at John Lewis.

Topshop Dress

Topshop Dress

Lusting After: I’ve been dreaming of summer days this week, and the vision of me swanning about Italy with a wicker basket full of local delicacies is completed with me wearing this cute Topshop dress.

Listening To: Continuing my summer dream I can’t get this catchy tune by The Other Tribe out of my head.

What have you been up to this week? 

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