My MAC Palette


Sin,Tempting,Subtious Olive,Club,Smut,Silver Ring,Woodwinked,Mulch,Embark,Swiss Chocolate,Blackberry,Patina,Satin Taupe,Ricepaper,Cranberry

Sin,Tempting,Sumptuous Olive,Club,Smut,Silver Ring,Woodwinked,Mulch,Embark,Swiss Chocolate,Blackberry,Patina,Satin Taupe,Ricepaper,Cranberry

Building my MAC palette has been a long and very fun journey. Recently my brother bought me back two eyeshadows from America where MAC is pretty much half the price as it is here in the UK, once slotted in my 15 pan palette was completed.

Since it’s taken me around five years to fill up my palette, I didn’t really think that much about the ‘harmony’ of the palette as a whole; I just bought random shades I liked. Saying that, I love my palette and find it has a good balance of everything I need. From all over the lid colours to matte shades to blend in my crease and a highlight shade. I also have one random depotted Urban Decay eyeshadow Sin in there. Some of the shadows are a bit chipped as when the wind threw my palette off the window sill over the summer, it was of course the black shadow I used to have that smashed and went everywhere including all over my other shadows, sods law.

I still have the original palette and although I do love the look of the shiny new ones with the beautiful clear top at £20.50, it seems a bit steep when the old packaging has suited me fine thus far.

I took the pictures below with no flash in sunlight to get the colours to come out as true as possible. As is well documented MAC eyeshadows can be a bit hit or miss. Some certainly swatched better then others!


Rows Left-Right

Urban Decay Sin (frosty pinky champagne), Tempting (Lustre, golden bronze), Sumptuous Olive (Veluxe Pearl, gold olive-green), Club (Satin, green/reddish-brown), Smut (Velvet, muted black) Silver Ring (Veluxe Pearl, mid-tone grey), Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl, warm gold), Mulch (Velvet, warm brown) Embark (Matte, dark red-brown) Swiss Chocolate (Matte, milky warm-brown)


Cranberry (Frost, dark pink-red) Ricepaper (Frost, light peach-gold) Patina (Frost, golden-taupe) Satin Taupe (Frost, cool-taupe)  & . Blackberry (Matte, plum) Can we take a moment and look how badly Blackberry swatched! Don’t waste your money on that one folks!

Rather than go through every single shadow I thought I would pick out a few favourites and tell you how I like to wear them.

Woodwinked: As you can tell this is my most loved MAC eyeshadow I think I went through a phase of wearing this nearly every day for a few years whilst at Uni. I now keep this as an all over the lid summer colour, or sometimes I use it as an inner corner highlight on a dramatic smoky eye.

Mulch: This is a fantastic ‘sweep on and go’ brown slightly smoky eye. I run it all over the lid and under the eye for that Oslan twin effect. I also like to amp it up at night with Swiss Cockolate in te crease and Smut in the outta v.

Patina: This is my current every day work eye-shadow its so easy to blend all over the lid and up towards the crease for a ‘no make-up make-up’ look.

Cranberry: This is my newest acquisition brought back all the way from the US . Although I’ve only it worn it once on a night out, it was love at first blend! It’s such a fantastic way to create an interesting intense night look, looks amazing with Embark in the crease Smut in the outta v and lots of black eyeliner.

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3 Responses to My MAC Palette

  1. Liss Cope says:

    what a great palette you have there! I love the look of Cranberry xxx

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