Borough Market


This Saturday us Londoners woke up to the 1st of March and a lovely sunny day! To make the most of the sunshine Tom and I decided to head to Borough Market; a food market on the south bank; for a potter about and to hopefully find something yummy to eat.


Despite our good  intentions the market was exceptionally crammed so we couldn’t get to have a proper look round all of the stalls. We did however make good on our promise to find something yummy to eat! We were spoilt for choice as the market had everything from, burgers and hotdogs to Chinese and Ethiopian. In the end Tom went for a massive scotch egg which came with the most delicious sweet potato chips and I plumped for a falafel wrap with lots of chilli sauce and hummus.



After munching our way through our first course we both needed a little pudding, again there was plenty to choose from, with multiple cute little bakeries selling cupcakes, brownies and other sweet treats. This time Tom went for a giant piece of baklava and I picked up a very chocolaty looking brownie. We had planned to walk down to the Thames and eat our goodies on the way but by this time it was getting really cold, so instead we took shelter in the nearest Pret and warmed up with a cup of tea.



After we could start to feel our fingers again we walked past St Pauls and into Covent Garden before heading home. I love weekend days like this, just walking around and taking in what the city has to offer.


Coat – Asos-Jumper – Asos-Skirt – Vintage-Boots – Kurt Gieger (old)


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