My Top Five Spring & Summer Scents

My Top 5 Spring & Summer Scent Picks

My Top 5 Spring & Summer Scent Picks

These are my top five perfumes to take me from the first crisp sunny day of spring onto my hopefully scorching Sicilian Summer Holiday.

Prada D'Iris, Bobbi Brown Bobbi's Party, Valentino Valentina

Prada D’Iris, Bobbi Brown Bobbi’s Party, Valentino Valentina

Prada, Infusion d’Iris*: This fresh blend of floral (iris) and citrus (orange blossom) can come off a little powdery at first but once this settles into the skin and the more woody notes come to out play, it turns into a classic feminine spring scent. I find this perfume very easy to wear as its clean and a great people pleaser. It’s the perfume equivalent of a little white dress with tanned limbs A lovely everyday fragrance that will carry you through from spring to summer. Find it here

Valentino, Valentia*: This is another beautifully feminine floral scent. I would say it’s less ‘clean’ then Prada’s Iris it has notes of strawberry that makes it a little sweet, but not sickly. The main draw of the scent for me is the Jasmine, which is one of my favourite notes of all time. However unlike most Jasmine scents this manages to stay light and floral rather than too oriental.  This also lasts a little longer on me then the Prada. I also can’t talk about this scent without mentioning the beautiful bottle, a real piece of art to sit on any dressing table. Find it here

Bobbi Brown, Bobbi’s Party*: This is my ultimate summer scent. It’s what I took with me to Ibiza last July and every time I sniff it, it takes me back to sunbathing and partying with my favourite girls. The name of this scent is perfect it really does smell like a beach party, it smells of salt and sun and I can’t wait for it to get hot enough to wear it again. Find it here

Clarins Eau de Jardins, Gucci by Gucci

Clarins Eau de Jardins, Gucci by Gucci

Clarins, Eau de Jardins*: This scent is a little different and definitely something unique in my perfume collection. As well as giving off a beautiful scent it also claims to soothe and moisturises the skin, which is very useful in the summer when your skin can feel hot and prickly in the sun. It’s also a great alternative for those who find fragrances irritating on the skin. The actual scent is made from a combination of essential oils and smells very ‘fresh’ and zesty, with a little rose to balance things out. Another great daytime, spring scent. Find it here

Gucci by Gucci: I couldn’t do a spring & summer fragrance post without including something a little heady and sexy for those balmy summer nights! The signature women’s fragrance by Gucci is everything I associate with the Italian Fashion House, sensual, sophisticated and very rich! The patchouli and musk make it perfect for night while the sweet honey note keeps it from being ‘too’ overbearing. Not for the shy or very young but I love it! Find it here


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