The Lipstick Tag

Lipstick Obsessed!

Lipstick Obsessed!

Now I know this post is kinda old now but I just couldn’t not jump on the bandwagon. A tag all about lipsticks is too good to resist, brace yourselves its a long one!

Favourite Balm: This was a tough one as I love lip balms of all shapes and sizes, and price points! But the one residing in my handbag at the moment is the Lanolips Lemon. I love this as it has all the moisturising properties if the original lanolips balms but with added lemon, which helps to gently exfoliate your lips. It sounds a little gimmicky but I promise this makes a real difference to the texture of your lips.

Favourite Red: I love all tones of red liptick, I have even done a whole top five reds post here. A red lip can really transform anyones look. On blondes red lips look cool, on brunettes even effortless but on a redhead its dramatic and sexy. Although I do love a darker red like Rimels 107 my most used would have to be MAC’s So Chaud a orange based red that looks great with a fresh face and a tan.

Wearing MAC's So Chaud in Ibiza last summer

Wearing MAC’s So Chaud in Ibiza last summer

Best Luxury & Drugstore:

Luxury: Phew this is a hard one!! For best Luxury I really had to way up several factors, formula, packaging and the unique in shades. I think anyone can find a decent red or ‘my lips but better’ on the high st but, its all those in-between shades that the more expensive luxury market offers. The perfect nude or the mauvey berry that’s not ‘too’ in your face. I did cheat a little on this one choosing between my luxury lippies is like choosing between my children!! (I imagine) So in joint first; Tom Ford for the pure indulgence of spending £40 on a lipstick and the creamy smooth formula, and Dior Diorific 001 for the outrageous packaging and perfect bitten lip red colour.

Drugstore: I actually found this the easiest question to answer as looking at my lipstick stash there is only one drugstore lipstick formula that I have more than one of and have even used whole tubes up! That’s the Revlon lipbutters, I have the shades, berry smoothy, candy apple and tutti fruity. These deliver excellent pigmentation for such a balmy formula feeling lovely and smooth on the lips.

Favourite MAC Lipstick: I think this is such a hard one as for most of us beauty junkies MAC was really where it all started, spending Saturday afternoons swatching lipstick after lipstick trying to find THAT perfect nude for you out of the 50 on offer. Although nowadays MAC don’t make my favourite formulas you can’t deny that shade selection is unbeatable and very very tempting! I have so many sentimental ties with my MAC lipsticks from the first one I ever bought (Modesty) to gifts from friends and family. I think the one I think the most fondly of is Shy Girl. A suit everyone peachy nude that introduced me to the world of nude lips that didn’t make me look dead.

Favourite Spring/Summer Shade: Being a bit of a pasty ginger I just can’t get away with my favourite summer shade on others which is bright neon orange, however I do love a pinky coral in the summer time. My current love is Shocking Coral which is also a good dupe for MAC Impassioned.

Favourite Autumn/Winter Shade: Now we’re coming up to A/W I am so excited to bust out those berries!! I think my top pick of the bunch would be NARS Tran Blue, talking about making a statement its the darkest lip I ever really seen let alone own. As with all of Nars’ velvet matte lip pencils you can trust this to be comfortable and hang around all day with minimal fading.

Diorific 001, NARS Train Bleu, Revlon Tutti Frutti, Maybelline Shocking Coral & MAC Shy Girl.

Diorific 001, NARS Train Bleu, Revlon Tutti Frutti, Maybelline Shocking Coral & MAC Shy Girl.

Liner Yes OR No: Currently lipliner is back in fashion with a force! Perhaps it has something to do with a certain junior member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan! I am not complaining for one! I love liner I think it can really bring a whole look together in fact I am currently looking to add a few more to my collection, any suggestions welcome!

PHEW what an essay sorry guys but really what na emotional post to write… I mean asking to choose a beauty blogger what their favourite lipsticks are is just cruel! If you’ve done this tag please leave a link below would love to read them.


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6 Responses to The Lipstick Tag

  1. Anna says:

    Nars Train Bleu is the ONE! Probably my fave lippie of all time x

  2. Emma Lignum says:

    Love these lipsticks 🙂

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